For those who are willing to join the occult, You are required to fill the forms and then after take the first oath. You will be required to provide the correct information while filling the forms. Call the agent in south Africa on +27718688742.

   You must know that you are committing your self to a serious and powerful occult and that you are willing to keep secrecy about the occult. This is because you will find people whom you can’t associate with over the streets but you can associate with them at the church. Don’t come in to try we are never tried. I wish all the willing candidates to be brave enough to decide about their future and their talent to shine. Join the occult and be who you are meant to be in the world. remember you can’t see a star without darkness. Hail 666 the beast.Image

Facebook page: Illuminati secret society 

Whatsapp: +27810699461

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